Good News, Bad News, Good News

Friday 7th July 2017

Just heard from my producer Lynn at Wobbly Music…………….

Good News….. We have a provisional album release date………!

Saturday 5th August 2017

Bad News….. Securing the world wide distribution licence may be held up because of the music on one track, the only thing on the album that is not my own! This could delay the official release date.

Good News….. All this red tape should not stop the production of the hard copy CDs, which should be available from me or via the website before this month (July) is out.

I’ll post more information as and when I get it, so keep popping in.


WON’T BE LONG NOW……………………………………………..”About Time”

I know I’ve been saying that for the last few years, but really, this time the CD is finally on it’s way!

The official release date is going to be about beginning of August (no firm date yet but I will keep you posted)

Yesterday I completed my part in the studio, so now there’s just the technical stuff to do and all the official side which apparently takes about five weeks.

Over the past few years I’ve had several attempts at this, both studio and at live performances, but still failed to get the desired results and I’d like to thank Lynn at Wobbly Music Studio for finally getting it all together.

As well as a physical CD which will be available from this website and at gigs, the album will be downloadable (is that a word?) from Wobbly Music as well as Amazon, iTunes and all those usual download places.


Wirral Folk Festival

Just back from a great weekend at Wirral Folk Festival. Great acts at indoor concerts, so no worries if you get the odd downpour as we did. Plenty going on on the “fringe”, all within the complex, and everything very well organised. Highly recommend this festival. Ralph McTell topped the bill with a great 2 hour set and Eddi Reader closed the festival, but best act of the weekend for us was Barlowcree. Look them up or go and see them if you get a chance.

Cotton Tree folk night

A great set of musicians and singers again tonight at the Cotton Tree – what talent!

Including Harp, Banjo, Piano accordions, Melodeon, Mandolins, Guitars, Bodhran, Whistles and the smallest Ukuleles you ever did see!

We’re here at the Cotton Tree pub, Winewall Nr. Colne BB8 8DE every Tuesday night.

You are very welcome to come along and play, sing or just to enjoy the atmosphere, the beer and the butties. All acoustic. Kick off at 8.30pm.