WON’T BE LONG NOW……………………………………………..”About Time”

I know I’ve been saying that for the last few years, but really, this time the CD is finally on it’s way!

The official release date is going to be about beginning of August (no firm date yet but I will keep you posted)

Yesterday I completed my part in the studio, so now there’s just the technical stuff to do and all the official side which apparently takes about five weeks.

Over the past few years I’ve had several attempts at this, both studio and at live performances, but still failed to get the desired results and I’d like to thank Lynn at Wobbly Music Studio for finally getting it all together.

As well as a physical CD which will be available from this website and at gigs, the album will be downloadable (is that a word?) from Wobbly Music as well as Amazon, iTunes and all those usual download places.


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funny folker

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